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Indian under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is moving to the glorious growth as...
The UPA government on Thursday amplified the subsidy on cooking gas, agreeing to famous demand as...
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    • Each moment in a day has its own value. Morning brings HOPE, afternoon Brings FAITH, Evening brings LOVE, Night brings REST, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 shekhar
      Category : New Year SMS
    • Friendship is not about finding the right person but, Creating the right relation. It's not how much we care in the beginning but how much we care till the end.
      Category : Friendship SMS
    • Use Barish Pasand Hai… Mujhe Barish Me Woh… Usey Hasna Pasand Hai… Mujhe Hastey Hue Woh.. Usey Bolna Pasand Hai.. Mujhe Boltey Hue Woh… Usey Sab Kuch Pasand Hai Or Mujhe Bas Woh…
      Category : Funny SMS
      Category : New Year SMS
    • Tourist: Whose skeleton is that? Sardar: An old king's skeleton. Tourist: Who's that smaller skeleton next to it? Sardar: That was same king's skeleton when he was a child.
      Category : Jokes SMS
    • n se bhi zyada unhe pyar kiya karte the, yaad unhe din rat kiya karte the, ab un raho se guzra nahi jata, jaha baith kar unka intezaar kiya karte the.!
      Category : Cute SMS
    • Sada Dur Raho Gham Ki Parchaiyon Se Samna Na Ho Kabhi Tanhayion Se Har Arman Har Khwab Pura Ho Aapka Yahi Dua Hai Dil Ki Gehraiyon Se Very Happy New Year in advance.....
      Category : New Year SMS
    • Dear Friend's ! Your Remaining Sleeping Time Has been Expired SO Plz Leave Ur Bed Open Ur Eyes And c Ur Mobile I wish U. GM
      Category : Good Morning SMS
    • The best medicine in the world without any side effect is a "Smiling Face" i wish that this medicine be always with you,,,,,.... @ keep Smiling@
      Category : Cute SMS
    • Banta owned a factory. He issued orders that only married men would be employed. Friend asks: Why this ? Bant reply: Because married men are more obedient
      Category : Santa Banta SMS
    • Deewana hoon tera inkaar nahi, Kaise keh du ki pyar nahi, Kuch shararat to teri nazro me bhi thi, Main akela hi gunahgaar nahi.
      Category : Shayari SMS
    • Na nibha sako to lagaya na karo hr begane ko apna bnaya na karo, koi bharosa nahi duniya me kisi ka , pr jo dil se tume chahe use azmaya na kro
      Category : Shayari SMS
    • Ek Friend kehta hai- "I wil be with U in all your Troubles"....Lekin Ek Best Friend kehta hai- "U wil Never hav Trouble wen I m with U".
      Category : Anniversary SMS
    • It was nice growing up with someone like you, someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on!!!!! A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams. You have always been source of motivation for me. I can%u2019t remember anything in our childhood I started doing without your help. Al
      Category : Happy Birthday SMS
      Category : Wise SMS
    • We're not too close in distance.We're not too near in miles.But Message can still touch our hearts and thoughts can bring us smiles...Miss u ra !
      Category : Miss You SMS
    • Luv is a promise, luv is a souvenir, once given, nvr forgoten, nvr let it disappear
      Category : Rakhi SMS
    • Friendship is not about finding the right person but, Creating the right relation. It's not how much we care in the beginning but how much we care till the end.
      Category : Friendship SMS
    • Sarifo Ko Q NA $atati H Dunia Aasiko Ko Q Rulati He Dunya Zindgi Me Kya Kasar Thi Baki Jo Marne K Bad jalati Dunia
      Category : Hurt SMS
    • Dedicated to all.. God has given u only one live it lyk u wnt...coz after u die no one remembers u... The thing u wil remember is that how u live ur lyf... So decide how u wanna live? Coz there is no extra lyf...
      Category : Cool SMS
    • many many happy returns of the day. wish you very very happy birthday dear....
      Category : Relationship SMS
    • Pyar ki wo hasin tasvir kaha se laun.Teri dosti se achhi takdir kaha se laun.Hr janam me mile saath tera, ab tu hi bata apne hathon me wo lakir kaha se laun.( VEER )
      Category : Friendship SMS
    • Chhagan: Aa hasi-khushi thi bharelu jeevan kevu hoy 6e? Magan: Aeva jeevan ni mane kyanthi khabar. Mara to Lagna j Bachpan ma thai gya 6
      Category : Jokes SMS
    • kbhi rat me tare gin kar dhekhana jitna ho utna aap mujhe miss karte ho aur jitna bcha jayegen utna bar hum apko yaad karte hai good night your friend mamta sahu
      Category : Lohri SMS
    • Girls stupidity - They wont give their phone number. even to a KNOWN PERSON. But they give all their PRIVATE details to an UNKNOWN TAILOR...
      Category : Jokes SMS
    • Maakhan chorr hai aayo, Yashomati Maiya ka nandlala Dharti pe bhagwan ka avataar hai aoyo Harne Kans jaise papi ko Karne kalyan Dharti maa ka. Sheshnaag ki chatra me wo hai aayo Banke Kanha makhan
      Category : Best wishes sms
    • Bahut bikhra bahut toota thapde sah nahi paaya, hawaon ke isharon par magar main bah nahi paaya, adhoora ansuna hi rah gaya ye pyaar ka kissa, kabhi tum sun nahi paayi kabhi main kah nahi paaya�
      Category : Dream SMS
    • |"""| |""""| | """""' | | """""' | |__| |___| APPY /'"'"""\\ /""/ / /\\ \\ / / / / \\ \\/ / /__/ \\____/ EW \\""""\\ /""""/ \ \ / / \__/ | | | | |__| EAR
      Category : New Year SMS
    • Dt.6.11.13 @ 9.30a.m. D 19A-2C/S, D 19-35C/S, CR@KM.47.86 1.75M-900C/S,FEEDER@51.20-2C/S, D22-70C/S. D23-5C/S ,D24-20C/S, D25-220C/S, D26-5CCR @ kM.63.050 1.40M - 527 C/S - n.gnaneshwar, AEE
      Category : Makar Sankranti SMS
    • kash banane wale ne hame aansoo banaya hota, sanam ki ankhon me basaya hota, jab b girte unki ankhon se unki god me.. marne ka maza to aya hota..
      Category : Funny SMS