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The Government of Rajasthan, MP and Punjab are Decleared that Padmavti Movie Does Not Release in...
Indian under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is moving to the glorious growth as...
  • Share Your Couplets

    New style of proposing Boy: can i take a photo. Girl: why? Boy: just wanted 2 show my children How their mom looked in Her younger age. . . =P;->
    As Long As V hav memories,yesterday remains,as long as v hav hope,2morrow awaits.As long as v hav friendship Each day is nvr a waste..
    Heated Gold Becomes Ornament, Beated Copper Becomes Wire, Depleted Stone Becomes Statue. So The More Pain You Get In Life, The More U Become Special.....
    Hum iss qadar tumpe mar mittege Tum jahan dekhoge hum hi tumhe dikhege Rakhna har pal iss dil mein hamari yaad Hamare baad hamare pyar ki daastaan duniya vaale likhege..
    love is a pain which can never be replaced by any other feel....its bit slow poison which kill without the oooz of the blood
    Dil ko aata he jab bhi khayal unka, Tasveer se puchte he phir haal unka, Vo kabhi humse pucha karte the judai kya he, Aaj hume samjh me aaya sawaal unka!!!!
    GODISNOWHERE this can be read as GOD IS NO WHERE or as GOD IS NOW HERE everything depends on how do u see anything. so think positive
    It was nice growing up with someone like you, someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on!!!!! A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams. You have always been source of motivation for me. I can%u2019t remember anything in our childhood I started doing without your help. Al
    A true friend understands when you say,"I forgot" Waits forever when you say,"1 minute" Stay when you say,"leave me alone" and opens the door,"even before you knock.."
    Sab Se Chupa Kar Dard, Woh Jo Muskura Diya Us Ki Hansi Ne Aaj To Mujhe Rula Diya, Lehje Se Uth Raha Tha, Har ik Dard Ka Dhuaan Chehra Bata Raha Tha K Kuch Ganwa Diya, Awaz Me Thehrao Tha, Aankhoon Me Nami Thi, Aur Keh Raha Tha K Mai Ne Sab Kuch Bhula Diya...
    har insan dil ka bura nahi hota,, "he koi insan bewafa nahi hota,,, "bujh jaate he diye akser apni galtiyo se'' her baar kasur hawa ka nahi hota...
    Shaher ki is daud me daud ke karna kya hai? Jab yehi jeena hai dosto to phir marna kya hai? Paheli barish me train late hone ki fikr hai Bhul gaye bhigte hue tahelna kya hai? Serails ke kirdaa Send This SMS
    May the festival of lights encircle your life with immense joy & Happiness. Sucess comes at your doorsteps. Sending warm wishes to you on this Diwali :-))))))) -PIUSHA
    The Blossoming "ROSES", The Rising "SUN", The Sizzling "BIRDS", The Morning "MIST", "RAIN", & "ME" Wish You A Very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
    pyar ke phool khile angan me, prem ki khushbu mahke ghar me, esi kusiya de ye diwali, Bas jaye sab ke rom- rom me
    Behti hawa sa tha wo..... Wah wah... Udti patang sa tha wo.... . . . . . Are msg kya pad rahe ho Kaha gaya use dhundo..:):)
    A Suicide Bomber To Mulla Umer Sir G! Barood Thora Kum Dala Karen, Last Time Hamara Admi . . . . . . Jannat Se 3 Kilometer Agy Nikal Gya...
    jannat k 8 darwazay hain 1.jannatul mava 2.darul maqam 3.darul salaam 4.darul khuld 5.jannatul adan 6.jannatul naim 7.jannatul kasif 8.jannatul firdos M.S
    MY OWN CREATION ONLY FOR U- be cool n calm at the every stage of lyfe . dont look behind to ur past always think for futur. kabhi b aye muskil yad krna jarur, time nahi hoga phir b apke liye ayenge jaroor.have a nice day.
    santa banta were fighting after exam. Sir: Y r u fighting? santa : This fool left the answer sheet blank, Sir: So what? santa: Even i did the same thing, now teacher will think that we both copied.
    Subah ko satana Acha Lagta H soye Hue ko Jagana Acha Lagta H Jb yad Aati H kisi ki to use B Apni yaad dilana acha lagta H Good Morning
    tu he meri jaan Khati hai Pan, Pan me Chuna Tere Pet me mera Munna.
    Each moment in a day has its own value. Morning brings HOPE, afternoon Brings FAITH, Evening brings LOVE, Night brings REST, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 shekhar
    Safar mohabt ka dushwar kitna hay… Safar mohabt ka dushwar kitna hy, Magr dekhna hy k koi wafadar kitna hy. Yahi soch k usy kbi manga nahi me ne, Usy prakhna hy k wo mera talbgar kitna ha..!
    Each drop of a tear & feelings is costly than anything in world But no one knows its value until they have it in their own eyes for someone.
    Tmam sbuto or gwaho ko madde nzr rkhte hue msg pdne wale ko dhara 05-11-2010 ke tahat "HAPPY DIWALE" kahte hue zindgi bhr khus rahne ki sza di jati hai.
    "Hugs" that give u much pleasure, happiness, satisfaction when u hav it with ur loved ones.......
    Never break four things in your life: Trust .. Promise .. Relation .. & Heart .. because when they r broken they don’t make noise but pains a lot ..
    Zindagai ki raaah me bahot se yaar milenge.. hum kya….humse bhi achche hazaar milenge… in acchchonki beed me hume bhula mat dena…. Hum kahan tumhe baaar baar milenge.. `
    kasoor to tha in nigaahon ka. jo chupke se unka deedar kar baithi. humne to khamosh rehne ki thanni thi . par bewafa zuban izhar kar baithi !!!!!