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The UPA government on Thursday amplified the subsidy on cooking gas, agreeing to famous demand as...
Microsoft Corporation is expected to assign its cloud-computing head, Satya Nadella, as its next...
  • Share Your Couplets

    • A nice thought: Listen to your elders ADVICE..not because they are always RIGHT but because they have more experiences of being WRONG...he he he
      Category : Cool SMS
    • Faith makes all thingz possible, Hope makes all thingz work, Love makes all thingz beautiful, May U hav all da three 4 this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS..!! from :- MANJOT SODHI
      Category : Children's Day SMS
    • Apni bebsi par aaj rona aya. Dusro ko kya hamne apne ko ajmaya. Har dost ki tanhai door ki. Lakin khud ko har mod par akela paya...
      Category : Friendship SMS
    • yu to aap humse kuch mangte nahi but hum aapko kuch dena chahte hai.... hum aapko miss karna chahte hai.... very very happy new year.
      Category : New Year SMS
    • Ek Friend kehta hai- "I wil be with U in all your Troubles"....Lekin Ek Best Friend kehta hai- "U wil Never hav Trouble wen I m with U".
      Category : Anniversary SMS
    • Nurse: Mubarak Ho Ap K Ghar Larka Pyda Hova Hai.. Major Sardar: Wa G Wa Kya Technology Hai, B.V Mere Hospital Mei Hai, Ur Bacha Mere Ghar Paida Hova Hai... ;->
      Category : Sardar SMS
    • Zindgi me hmesha SMART log milnge, kahi zyada to kahi km milnge, choice zra sochke karna, zaruri nahi hr jagah tumhe hum jaise milenge..
      Category : Hindi SMS
    • There are millions of people But no one is like you I feel such deep feelings Because I LOVE YOU No one in this world has such grace No one is so able to fill your place You always know but i never say My LOVE for you grows with every passing day
      Category : Diwali SMS
    • Meri zindagi per faqat itna ehsan kar do, ik benam si mohabbat mere nam kar do, ik subha ko milo aur shaam kar do, Aur sham tak khudko Mere Naam kr do.
      Category : Love SMS
    • TIL hum hai, aur GUL aap, MITHAI hum hai aur MITHAS aap, SAAL k pahale tyohar se ho rahi aaj SHURUWAT. Aap ko hamari taraf se ” HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANT”
      Category : Makar Sankranti SMS
    • jali ko aag kahte hai.. . . buzi ko rakh kahte hai.. . . . . . aur . . .aur . . . . aur . . . . . aur . . . Kuch nahi "april Fool" :D
      Category : April Fools SMS
      Category : Funny SMS
    • Understanding A Woman is Like Downloading A 1 GB File With 2 Kbps Speed ... And When You Have Downloaded the Half ... You Got An Error Downloading cancelled .............!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Category : Woman's Day SMS
    • Pathar ki hai Duniya jazbat nahi Samjhti,Dil me kya hai vo Bat nahi Samjhti, Tanha to Chand hai Sitaro ke Beech Magar, Chand ka dard bewafa Raat nahi Samajti..!
      Category : Naughty SMS
    • The Blossoming "ROSES", The Rising "SUN", The Sizzling "BIRDS", The Morning "MIST", "RAIN", & "ME" Wish You A Very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
      Category : Best wishes sms
    • dil tod ke naa jana ae bewafaa tu toh chale gayi par mera kya hoga tune thoda bhi nahi socha.
      Category : Forget SMS
    • Ramu Sir mere ghar mein TV chodke baaki sabki chori hogayi hai? Police chor ne sirf TV kisliye chodaa hoga? Ramu mujhe kya pataa sir? main us samay TV mein serial dekh rahaa thaa
      Category : Funny SMS
    • Night Is A Wonderful Opportunity To Take Rest To Forgive To Dream To Smile & To Get Ready For All The Battles That U Have To Fight 2morrow Gud Night (:
      Category : Happy Birthday SMS
    • har insan dil ka bura nahi hota,, "he koi insan bewafa nahi hota,,, "bujh jaate he diye akser apni galtiyo se'' her baar kasur hawa ka nahi hota...
      Category : Love SMS
    • I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!
      Category : Love SMS
    • Why Men n Women Don’t Understand Each Other? Bcoz God Gave Good Brains To Men n Good Hearts To Women But Men Use Their Hearts & Women Use Their Brains
      Category : Funny SMS
    • Brain is the most outstanding organ. It works for 24 hours and 365 days right from birth until you fall in love.
      Category : Cute SMS
    • Teacher: raju, tum kis liye college aate ho? Student: vidya ke khaatir Teacher: toh ab so kyu rahe ho? Student: aaj vidya nahi aayi hai sir
      Category : Jokes SMS
      Category : Funny SMS
    • "Wo meray dil par rakh kar sar soya tha bekhabar.. Hum ne dharkan hi rok li dil ki kahein uski neend na toot jaye
      Category : Easter SMS
    • pillu m very sleepy nw. should i sleep?
      Category : Good Night SMS
    • Pani main pathar mat pheko Koi pani pita hai Apne chehre par muskuhart sajaye rakha karo Koi isi muskan ke liye jita hai
      Category : Relationship SMS
    • Pyar Ko Pyar Mat Karo Jab Tak Pyar Tume Pyar Na Kare Lekin Jab Pyar Tume Pyar Kare To Pyar Ko Itna Pyar Karo Ki Pyar Kisi Or Ko Pyar Na Kare Thanks & Regards, Deepen Nayak 09898249477
      Category : Love SMS
    • This is a special wish 4 u & ur family, /"/_/"/ /_/"/_/eppy /"\/"/ /_/\_/ew \\/"/ /_/ear
      Category : Wise SMS
    • If CARE is a WAVE, i give u SEA. If RESPECT is a LEAF, i give u TREE. If TRUST is a PLANET, i give u GALAXY, if FRIENDSHIP is LIFE, i give u MINE 4 FREE.. keep smiling.
      Category : Friendship SMS