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Aquarius Birthday Horoscope

Water bearer Aquarius is the eleventh Zodiac sign in the horoscope. A person is said to be an Aquarian if he or she is born in between the time period January 20 and 19 February. Astrologers think that during this period of time Sun stays at this zodiac sign of horoscope. Aquarius birthday horoscope says that Aquarians are well known for being highly intelligent, creative, witty, and innovative. They are also equally famous for being honest, friendly, amiable, and sociable. Their keen intelligence and acumen enable them to forge ahead and lead the way. Aquarians love exploring very much, are often eager to discover new things, and are always bright with creative ideas and visionary thoughts. Aquarians are honest in their work, personal and professional life, and also to familial and social life. This great quality of Aquarians makes them trustworthy and creditable. But, excessive curiosity and adamant behavior blemish competent personality of Aquarians.

The diseases from which Aquarians are highly susceptible to suffer are nervous diseases, brain difficulties or diseases, rheumatism, low blood circulation, head and feet pains, etc.

Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2014

As per Aquarius Birthday horoscope 2014, Aquarians plans for a surprise birthday nowadays and these people will celebrate on their birthday. Aquarius Birthday Astrology 2014 also predicts that some challenging tours for these people will be welcomed in their birthday month in 2014. Aquarians might suffer from bad habits and health problems during birthday month in this year due to working eating habits on time. As per Aquarius birthday horoscope 2014, Aquarians are nervous and tolerant people getting showered by sweet and pampering gifts on their birthday like flowers, candles and mugs. Peace will be remained in family life in the first half of year, even though same cannot be said for the second half of the year. Health should be taken proper care from February to June months. Blood pressure and Joint pains are highly indicated. Metal stress and tensions will be experienced in the months of Jan and Feb months during the year of 2014. There may be some changes in private life. Single people have new relationships which will result in new love affair and deep relationships. With the warning Saturn, moving to deep relationships of horoscope Aquarius, the situations will change for worse. In the second half of the year, family members will start the repairing works or will get a new home. Moving to the country is more changeable to change your life successfully. Your health is very good in the first half of the year 2014, when unexpected illnesses may be possible in the year 2014. In the second half of the year 2014, these difficulties and problems will finish to exist, but problems are caused highly by big anxious pressure can be felt in this year. You will be able to solve financial problems from March to June months but these problems will be solved earlier as the year progresses. You should be kept a watch on business and employees from March to June months of the year 2014.

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