Astrology  Monthly Horoscope Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – August 2012

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – August 2012

You will be very hesitant most of the time this month which can prove to be your weaknesses. Try to be less hesitant is an important advise astrologers provide to the people born under Aquarius sun sign. Pay focus on what you speak because a few words added to your statement can become a turning point for people close to you. The month of August, otherwise starts with high energy and will to put an extra effort on whatever things you undertake. You are on your way to stepping stone to higher levels in your career. Wise decisions can only take you there.

Work areas: This month you will gain importance and popularity of many at work area only because of your loyalty and honesty towards the company. You have a great potential of working harder and giving it to the maximum but due to some kind of personal or family issue, you aren’t able to give your maximum which is releasing discomfort within you. You are a respected personality at workplace and you will maintain it till the end of this month as far as the astral influences predict.

Love life: Yu are thinking about getting married to the one you love and trying your level best to give a permanent name to your relationship. Things will soon be sorted out by the end of this month if there is any marriage issues involved in your case. So, do not over-react and hurry in this matter.

Family life:Family is loving towards you and is very supportive. A travel trip with your family is forecasted but make sure to book your tickets after the first half of the month as travelling is predicted risky and inauspicious in the first half of the month.

Health matters: Though, health is an important part of your life and you think about it more than you should. This is creating tensions and a sense of panic within you. The energy sign for you is yang which says that you will be lethargic this month and health problems related to legs, ankles and hips may trouble you.

Money matters: You are compatible with Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius whereas lucky colors for you are light blue, bile green and yellow. Avoid spending extra on your relatives who do not even care for you. They might be emotionally fooling you and asking for money.

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