Astrology  Monthly Horoscope Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – August 2012

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – August 2012

This month you are being affected by some health problems and family issues that may even rise to some extent if controlled. On the whole, the month of August will be auspicious for you because the enemies, who have been longing to destroy you, might not be able to succeed in their planning. People born under this sun signs are often techno geeks. It is predicted that you might buy an expensive gadget this month or might plan to buy it in a few coming months. Anything expensive purchased this month will prove to be beneficial and lucky for you and your family.

Work areas: At work, you are calm and very reserved. Open up yourself as this is a hindrance to your professional career success. Wearing your birthstone Garnet will prove to be highly beneficial for you this month. Lucky colors for you are violet, purple, black and silver gray. Focus and include these colors in your daily use to improve your good luck charm. You are lucky and the astral influences predict a healthy work environment this month but you still need to work harder to make a strong hold for future.

Love life: You live on sarcasm which is one of your weaknesses. You are family oriented but independent. People born under Capricorn zodiac sign are most compatible with cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn and Sagittarius therefore it is advised to make love relationships with people born under these sun signs for fruitful bonds.

Family life:You are family oriented which is one of your special qualities but at the same time you are a hard worker which impresses one and all. Lucky numbers for you are 12, 20, and 23 this month so pay attention to these days. Try completing most of your pending works by the evening of 12, 20, and 23.

Health matters: Health will be pleasant and you will be energetic throughout the month. A travel on the cards might refresh you up and make you feel good on a whole. Skin problems, bone and knee related health problems might trigger you this month.

Money matters: You have enough money and but are wondering where to spend it. You need to think wisely over it start planning for investments if you have a good package of money. The ruling planet Saturn might give you the power and will to make a strong financial decision.

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