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Feng Shui Study

Feng Shui is no longer remained under the limit of Chinese community, it has got immense popularity in other communities as well. In most of the astrological and numerology concepts, they either use numbers or planet positions in order to give predictions. But here with feng shui, the whole concept is based on physical environment that compels the human body to think and behave positively. Physical environment includes changing interior designs that further includes study room, business rooms, romantic rooms, kitchen and other sections of house. Under these feng shui study rooms includes changing in wall color of study rooms, using antiques and colorful flooring for the same and many more things are to be used while practicing feng shui for study room. It is always being seen that people with creative mind usually follow these types of scientific tools in order to bring healthy and positive living standard in their life.

Feng Shui Study Room

Study room is one of the most visiting rooms in the house. From here you will expect education in order to make bright career and most of the retire person using this room for an internal peace by reading religious other books of interested topics. Therefore, it is very important to follow feng shui study room for getting proper energy and chi in the room. Feng shui study room includes proper chair with high back where the desk should be positioned to the right of the window of the room. There should be a clear path between door and desk of the study room and person’s face should be in front of the door. Use cactus, green leaf plants and watering them time to time that bring good fortune and flow of energy and keep you away from any negative thinking. Here, under the feng shui study room you can also use a picture of flowing water that depicts the mark of creative thinking.

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