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Feng Shui Symbols

Feng Shui, a tool of happiness, positive thinking, wealth, prosperity and healthy living standard. During these days, the followers of feng shui are rising at a massive rate in terms of thinking positively, are able to get out of stress and hard life. Feng shui is a type scientific tool that works on bringing the positive thinking and high standard of living in your life. There are various feng shui symbols that work for you while practicing feng shui in home or business location. These symbols include flowers, orchids, lotus that indicates blessings, beauty of good luck, use of butterflies that indicates love and romance in your life, Feng Shui dragon symbol for powerful, wealthy and auspicious, feng shui Buddha symbol of good fortune under health and happy living environment, feng shui fish / aquarium that is for more business and wealth. Apart from these you can also use feng shui green plants or green leaf plantation in house in order to connect with nature of beauty and herbal ideas to your mind in order to get over hectic and stress life schedule. Among these, Mystic Knot is one of the most famous and favorable feng shui symbols that work for bringing happiness and good fortune life.

Feng Shui Animals

Feng Shui is of an ancient time tool that really worked out for the society. In order to reform a life to think positively, these activities of feng shui are to be followed for acquiring the desired living standard. Besides these above mentioned feng shui symbols there are many feng shui animals that helps you in your happy and positive life. Mandarin ducks that is for strong and bold life partners, black tortoises for longevity and stability, Dragons for wealthy and auspicious whereas Fu Dogs for strong and mature personalities while thinking positively, Horses for complete fame, success and freedom whereas Birds and Butterflies that bring a sense of freedom and inspiration. Thus, all these symbols and animals of feng shui enable one in developing the environment of positive thinking and cool minded living infrastructure.

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