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Leo Birthday Horoscope

Persons born in between the time period ranging from July 24 to August 23, fall under this fifth zodiac sign of horoscope. As the very name implies, people born under the zodiac sign Leo, think and behave like lions, have indomitable courage and determination, are highly ambitious, loyal and generous to their near and dear ones, like to be dominating and influential, audacious, and sometimes very egoist. These Leo people do not like to hear instructions and bear dictations, and love dearly in making their own rules, change those rules as per their wishes, and in doing whatever they like.

These above mentioned qualities make Leo persons passionate lovers and supporters, real performers, and great leaders. But, these Leo people must take care that they do not become too much self-assertive, aggressive, dominating, and egoist.

Leo Birthday Horoscope 2014

As per Leo birthday horoscope 2014, Leo people will lead happy and luxurious life in their birthday month with their family members after a long period of the year. Leo birthday astrological predictions may have some unexpected matters in the kitty of these people of zodiac signs. Leo people will have excellent year to go ahead in 2014. Leo people are very self-centered and dominating, you will require a costly birthday gift for these people as jewelry or antiques in 2014. Special occasions will be enjoyed in the family members that will bring too much enjoyment and excitement. Health will be very good of this zodiac sign in the Second half of March, April and May months of the year 2014. It is extremely advised to become more careful in short trips and also take more cautious, while driving in the month of January, March and April. February, March and August are very favorable months to make several gains on the stock markets. Leo people are very forceful and sometimes their aggressions are very hard to handle the situations of Leo people. They are very eager about their money related issues, who are courageous and bold to make their family members and friends. In the first half of the year 2014, you make sure that you should take decisions according to the responsibilities and develop the business, getting more and more connections. Businessmen will consider promoting year to develop business, getting more and more attention to the health. Your financial status should be quite positive and strong. You may believe that income should be very stable and constant as most charges will be very quiet and predictable. Leo people are violent and sometimes their violence is very hard to handle during the year. They are aware about money related issues and matters.

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