Astrology  Monthly Horoscope Leo Monthly Horoscope – August 2012

Leo Monthly Horoscope – August 2012

The position of the Saturn and other astral influences predict a healthy and enriching month of August. You will experience mixed feelings and come across mixed emotions among which few of them will positively affect your life. Great opportunities will be on your doors by the mid of this month because of the favourable planetary positions. You will be energetic and passionate at work which will enhance your opportunities of earning a reward from a profitable project. At the same time, this will enhance your vitality and add enthusiasm to your traits. Leo’s have a tendency to give up soon but having already told that the month of August is very important for you, you will make the most to utilise and grab the opportunities coming your way.

Work areas: At work, there will be more opportunities given to you but other than this, you also need to take care of the fact that the responsibilities given to you if any during this month should be carefully handled. More facilities will be provided to you by the end of this month which will help increase your performance at workplace. Pay good attention to the advices given by seniors.

Love life:Love life for couples will be smooth and full of romance but as far as married couples are concerned, they might experience some understanding issues between each other which can create a sense of tension in the relationship for a short period of time. The planet of Venus will be generous on singles this month. Someone is testing your patience, but make sure that you speak right and express it the right way till the mid of the month for fruitful results.

Family life: Wear a birthstone Peridot and consider your lucky colors like red and orange this month. The ruling planet for you this month is the sun which predicts that family life will be pleasant and very beautiful. You will get all the love you deserve because of your generous and responsible qualities.

Health matters: Health problems related to heart, upper back, eyes, blood and lungs may trouble you this month. It is advised to pay attention towards what you consume. It is important month for you. Do not waste the month lying back on the bed..

Money matters: This is a month when you should focus on the savings. Avoid making any investments and expensive purchases. You are hyper aggressive this month, make sure to not expose off your money related secrets while in aggression.

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