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Long Hair Care & Growth Techniques

Keeping long hairs in excellent condition requires a lot more caution and conscious effort. Every individual’s hairs grow ½ inch every month but it also depends upon how one treats their hairs and how you retains them. For growing of long hairs one may also follow the different techniques. One must always follow a healthy lifestyle what we eat and what we drink also have effects on the hairs. One must eat healthy food, drinks a lot of water and exercises daily in order to make a healthy body and if your body is healthy the hair will also get benefit from that. One should trim their split ends and damaged hairs after every month because if they are not get trimmed it can damage your hairs and makes them dull. So get trimmed your hairs but only ½ inches not more than that. One should not use harsh chemicals on hairs. One should also regular moisture their hairs which is a good treatment for hairs. One also should use shampoos and conditioners that include Shea butter and oils. This will keep one’s strand saturated and moisture because splitting strands break off easily before they could get long. Caring of hairs also includes that the hairs should be washed regularly whenever one feels that they are dull and dirty. While one is trying to getting long hairs one should keep a lot of patience because growing of hairs needs a lot of time. It is not the thing which is accomplished in overnight one have to wait for years.

Caring of hairs is an important thing especially if your hairs are long. Usually caring of long hairs takes much more time than the short hairs. Washing and drying of long hairs is also a task which should be done with proper care. One should take precautions if want to take a good care of their hairs.

Some of the steps for taking care of long hairs are as follows:

• One should not sleep with a tight band on the hairs as it would cause hair loss due to stress

• When hair is braided it should not be too tight as it may cause breakage and leads to hair fall

• If one is planning to have along hairs then one should trim their hairs after every 3 months otherwise split ends will cause their hair fall and also it effects the beauty of the hairs.

• One should not use brush to detangle the hairs as it may cause hair fall. Rather one should use their fingers or a wide comb to detangle the hairs. 

• One should be gentle while detangling of the hairs because pulling down hairs harder will cause hair loss.

• One method is to take a pillow of silk cloth or cover your head with a silk scarf which helps in less hair fall as compare to the cotton cloth.

• Brushing your hairs helps to spread the oil through the lengths of hairs. Having long strokes while brushing your hairs will help to reduce the hair fall.

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