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Effective Pros and Cons of Heavy School Lunch

The era of childhood obesity normally seems to be in the news nearly every day. And I must admit that me my self always amazed at how many overweight kids I see when I rush to school, no matter what grade level we are in. But there is always one thing I'm also impressed when I see what a great job our school nutrition workers are doing for us within their limits to help keep these kid's weight down and healthy. I loved to specify this "within their limits" because they do not have total control over what kids eat at school as they are not paid for it.

All the stuffs made of potato are products that are low sodium and their cheese sauce is actually a veggie made with acorn squash and sweet potatoes. All the rolls, cooked breads and even the pizza crusts are made with whole grain. The delicious hamburgers are 100 percent beef and hot dogs are all natural with no antibiotics in it, the hormones or preservatives. These are absolutely nothing on the menu is ever fried. All the food is just steamed, baked or grilled.

The Schools offers a specialty vegetarian meal every day and a variety of fresh whole fruits to all the students. Beverages are choices include silk vanilla and chocolate soy milk and only that are fat free and low fat milk. And more over it is not the policy to just try to shove the tasteless health food down kid's throats. Now before they put it on a new item on the menu, they test them many times by giving free samples to the kids to see if they will like them or not.

Among the list of pluses or the minuses, depending on how much you want to look at it of the current offerings is the lowest amount of fat and sodium in the foods. The very first, the school nutrition workers have no control over the parents who send their kids to school with a 12-ounce bag of greasy oily cooked potato chips for a snack.

Secondly, they have no right and even can't do a thing about the PTA fundraisers that include selling of the ice cream for lunch and Krispy Kreme a high calorie and the donuts for breakfast or installing Coke and candy machines in the hallways. In this way health of your child is not maintained it only getting worse and can be painful in future.

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