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Are You Single - Reasons Not To Get Mingle

The recluse is very really appealing, when you are in the age of guy to be intellectual and to spend some few moments of your life with your partner, with your art or with your views. Mostly, guys feel alone due absence of life partner, when you are emotionally touched with your partner and suddenly you will be departed from your life partner. Then you feel recluse and your curiosity will be aroused to be live alone and to be single.

(Millions of youths are not interested in doing marry) because they feel some critical problems during the stage of married life. So they want to be single by experiencing some critical problems during married life. You are single, then you have no responsibility and no pressure, you can live freely and can think widely about your life matters and how you deal with such types of life activities. Some of the youths are very eager to marry, I think married life is cheerful and family oriented life. They like to live with loving members of family and they feel some special feelings during married life. Without married life, (definitely your life will be boring definitely without aimless, at the stage of married life; you will get a lot of love and care from family members. How much you care and love your life partner and such types of married life activities have aroused the curiosity of millions of youths for married life.

When you are in the crowd of your friends, family and relatives, if you suddenly remain alone, definitely you will feel alone and only single person. (A person who has lived with a good family and friend circle, he will not be able to live alone because he has lived alone from starting). So how you like to enjoy your life with a lot of love and care getting from your family, friends and relatives. How it is surprising when you are alone for doing your art, making plans and thinking a lot of thoughts. Really, this is very amazing and wonderful, you are alone and you can make a lot of ideas and funny movements in your life. So your life will feel dreamy life with grand ambitions and want to live successfully.

Fear of rejection is the last and final reason to be single. If you don't like someone, then this and last final reason is occurred. If you are not selected by anyone, then your face is looked unhappy and a nice smile has not looked on your face. Rejection is made your life frustrated and being frustrated, you want to live single where millions of away nobody is around you. Just you should make a plan to live with family and why you want to be single and if you live with family, friends and relatives, really you will feel unforgettable experience and memorable moments of your live. This may be funny and interesting planning to be romantic and happy with a nice smile on face. So your loneliness will be away, if you live with a good family with expanding cheerful and happy life.

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