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How Best You Parenting Your Teens

Teenage is the age of difficult time as it is form the time of adolescent's kid who are not kids anymore but have a long way to go before they turn into a great responsible adult. The hormones in them rush wild, the peer pressure starts building up, and almost each and every day the average teenager battles many unseen dangers and risks that threaten to take it away the golden days of their lives and leave a permanent scar on their impressionable minds which are hard to wash away. The mode of Drugs, violence, peer-pressure, alcohol, sex - there are lots of things that parents of teenagers need to worry about and should communicate openly.

Try to make out and establish a strong connection with your child right from the beginning. Always encourage your child to express their personal feelings clearly in order to create an open environment and healthy atmosphere at home. Never try to suppress your child's emotions and questions with in them, instead try and answer your child's queries to build a good bond where in your child can return come home and share all his experiences with you without any hesitation and difficulties.

Teenagers are generally tries to attempt and establish their identity as they deal with rising peer pressure and are exposed to the changing new trends and changing definitions of what is 'in' and what's not. In few situations this may occur that if the child view the conditions like parents divorce, lose of loved ones or any other disturbance he can be very difficulty to handle both emotionally and mentally. Parenting a teenager generally requires the parents and the guardians to get into the shoes of the teenager, empathize with him and build a bond of trust and love without pressurizing the child in any situation.

There are a large number of teenage girls create a pseudo try stereo picture of "being beautiful" by looking at the anorexic models and celebrities on television and cinema, keep in mind girls are soft heated so take special care of them . The Crash diets and the incessant obsession of the losing weight is one of the major issues that can also lead to the drastic problems like bulimia and anorexia in teenage girls.

The parents of teen should about the good and bad effects of being advanced. They should teach there daughters specially than looking beautiful Is not that important as to look beautiful from inside. Prepare your child to face the fake world and show them the reality.

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