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Australia is one of the apt locations for those who wish to study overseas. It provides an excellent standard of education. It ranks third as far as the numbers of students are concerned after the USA and UK. Australian Universities offer almost more than 16000 recognised standard courses. Any institution whether it be an International school, college, TAFE College or a vocational institute, the quality and standard of education very good ensuring a successful career.

As far as the school education is concerned, it is compulsory for all the children to get started at five years of age. All the Australian residents and citizens are supposed to have education of atleast 11 years. After a student completes his higher secondary education, there are many colleges and Universities are available funded by the government to provide free education.

Another category of institutions present in Australia are the TAFE Institutes. These provide apprenticeship programs for the students so that they are skilled to perform in the workplace.

The Australian Education system is being governed by the territories and the individual states under the Australian Confederation. The education system here follows three different levels: Primary Education, Secondary Education and Tertiary Education or Higher Education. The reporting or the assessments of students are done with the help of grade system as for example: A stands for 85% (Excellent) and above, B (Good) for 70 to 84%, C (Average) for 50 to 69% etc. A student will be acquiring the High School Certificate based on Tertiary Entrance Rank (scores per subject). For Tertiary level of education the passing grade is 50%.

The Australian Education System comprises of four major sectors namely the Universities, English Language Training Colleges, Vocational Education and Training Schools. The Education system here has been created in such a way so that it does not hinder the progress of students from one qualification level to the other. Proper pathways of training are followed.

It is mandatory for all the Australian universities and colleges to be accredited to the Australian Government. It is taken care of that these colleges and universities provide their accurate locations, tuition fees as well as the proper courses. The students need to check with the respective Australian Embassies in the particular countries (of which they are the citizens), if he they are fulfilling the criteria to apply for the student visa. This should be done before the confirmation of their enrolment in the colleges and paying up their tuition fees.

Most of the prominent Australian Universities and colleges provide accommodation and other facilities for the overseas students. Students have an option to live with other ones or he may have a private accommodation. The overall cost of living in Australia is quite affordable. One of the most important features of Australian Education is that each student can work simultaneously for 20 hours in a week and full time on the holidays.

The following eight Universities are called the “Group of Eight” in Australia and they are the top colleges here. They are The University of Adelaide, The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, The University of New South Wales, Monash University, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, and The University of Western Australia.

Online Australian Education is surely an easy way of accessing courses of the Australian Universities. A general process is followed for Australian distance or online education. You will have to apply either through forced applications or download forms. You can also apply for scholarships. Accordingly the University will get in touch with you. Generally speaking, most of the Universities provide diploma or certification programmes in case of an online or distance education from Australia.