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College Entrance Exams

In earlier days the admission to a college was totally depend upon the marks secured in the previous course. This has been followed through years and was successful to some extent. But as the number students increased and the completion between the colleges to produce good results intensified all colleges were got interested to admit only brilliant students in their colleges. There came a new concept of entrance exams. Though they will keep a minimum marks for the previous course as a criteria, the admission will be done according to the marks they score in the entrance exams. Thus the importance of entrance exams increased when compared to the university exams. It was most important to get admission for a course in a prestigious institute. Entrance is the main hurdle for that. So students and parents started giving more importance to entrance exams.

When the competition between different colleges affiliated with a single university has intensified, the concept of a common entrance exam for a specific course in a university has changed and colleges started conducting entrance exams for admitting students in various courses. College entrance exams have been conducted by different colleges based on their own syllabus and standards. As they are looking for more brilliant students, the standard of these exams too increased steadily. Within a short period entrance exams for colleges became similar to that of University exams in standard and format. In some places these entrance tests were tougher than university exams.

To have the best students under their fold colleges have to ensure a vast participation in entrance exams. This made some colleges to make entrance exams totally free. Free college entrance exams attract more students naturally. If one has to pay for the entrance tests, he will apply to limited number of colleges only. But when it is free he may not hesitate to try his luck. This idea struck and the numbers of participants in such free entrance exams have increased over the years. Thus colleges are able to select from a vast base and also have a chance to get maximum number of brilliant students under their fold. They know that these brilliant students can bring well reputation to their colleges and this reputation will attract more students to their college. So indirectly the college authorities are en cashing the concept of free entrance exams.

List of College Entrance Exams

Though the colleges are conducting entrance exams independently, the university should be informed about it. So from the university you will be able to get a list of college entrance exams. More over there are some educational sites which are giving a detailed list of such entrance exams. Some are free while some will charge either directly or indirectly. Once you get the dates now the task is to get the syllabus for the exam. Most of the colleges depend upon a pattern of asking questions from the syllabus of the previous course i.e. for a graduate course the questions will be from under graduation syllabus. But the questions and the mode of asking questions will be totally different from that of university examinations. Objective type questions are more common in such tests. Some college will include attitude tests and also some tests to measure the IQ of the student.

The most famous, prestigious, well-tried, and popular college entrance exams in diverse fields of education and profession are:

  • Engineering Entrance Exams (AIEEE, IIT JEE, BITSAT)
  • Medical Entrance Exams (AIPMT, CPMT)
  • Common Admission Test (CAT)
  • Law Entrance Exams (CLAT)
  • Defense Entrance Exams (CDS and NDA)