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Nursing Entrance Exams

Nursing is a sacred profession and commands a great respect in the society. In earlier days it has been considered as a profession for women. But nowadays equal numbers of men are also coming into this profession. Once it was a low paid job. But, as the demand increased through years the payment terms of nurses too increased.

There are a number of nursing schools all around the world and they are producing millions of nurses every year. Still there is a demand for qualified nurses. In this modern world people are suffering from various diseases caused by the changing life styles and also more people are becoming health conscious. This made the health care industry a large scale industry. Modern hospitals with most sophisticated equipments and luxurious facilities have come up in large numbers all over the world. All these things helped for a boom in the health care sector. This in turn affected the payment structure of the employees in a positive way. Thus nursing profession gained popularity among the youth. Nursing entrance exams are also been taken seriously by students as entrance exams for any other professional courses.

Nursing Entrance Exams in India

As in the other parts of the world in India too, the nursing profession is attracting many youth. And this ended in the booming of a number of nursing schools all over India. Most of the nursing schools are taking students without any entrance exams. But certain schools are still keeping a good standard and they admit students after a thorough scrutiny and an entrance exam to test their knowledge and attitude. Nursing school entrance exams are as tough as medical entrance and is in par with it as far as the questions asked. Normally the nursing entrance exam date will be announced just before the end of an educational year. This will help the students to get prepare for that.

In earlier days the students who failed to get an admission for MBBS or any other related medical professional courses only will be interested to join for nursing course. But now scenario has changed. In most of the cases the first preference will be given to nursing. This shows the increased demand.

Apart from an attractive pay and other facilities, this profession too commands lot of respect in the society. As doctors nurses too considered as life savers and thus as the representative of God. So a nurse is respected everywhere. All these could be the reason behind the increased demand for nursing course.

As mentioned earlier a number of Institutes who are engaged in bringing up quality nurses are working hard to meet the requirement for quality nurses. Still there is a scarcity and foreign countries especially, United States of America, Arab Countries and some European countries are hiring nurses from India. These nurses are offered a high package and a contract for around five years or so will make their life well settled. This is another attraction for Indian youth towards this profession. Along with female nurses, male nurses are also been hired by big hospitals in these countries. Thus, once a female dominated profession has changed to a common profession for male and female. A huge turnout is expected for nursing entrance exam 2012. And it is sure that more youth will make their life settled through nursing profession in the coming years.