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Online Entrance Exams

There was a time when students have to appear for an entrance exam in person. It was really a horrible experience. They have to prepare for the exams and then wait in queue for hours to collect their hall tickets and then be present at the examination hall in time. The atmosphere in the examination hall will be similar to that of a haunted house. With a sort of irritating calmness mixed with mental tensions never favored the students to attend the examination in a perfect way. This had affected the results too. As technologies advanced and the use of information technology in every field of life became common, the nature of the examinations also started changing. The long queue for the hall tickets were disappeared first as the issuing of hall tickets made online. Then the hour long waiting outside the campus to know the result was also became an old story when the results started publishing online. And the latest development in this regard was online entrance exams.

This new method of online entrance tests were really a blessing for the student. This gave them privacy and also allowed them the right to write the exams at a place of their choice. This increased their level confidence and also provided a sort of peace of mind to think and answer the questions. Grimed faces of examiners were not around to disturb their mind. When the results were showed positive many institutions opted for this method. Some institutions are even offering free online entrance exams as they are also saving the amount on stationary and printing which they will have to spend for a conventional type of exam. Here they are forwarding those savings to the students. Online medical entrance exam is also a common thing now a days. Many reputed universities and their affiliated institutions prefer online exam today. It is cost effective and it deprives them of the burden of conducting a conventional exam. They do not have to spend time and money in organizing examiners, getting question papers printed and also can save money on other related stationeries.

List of Online Entrance exams

Most of the Universities having various courses in various subjects opt for online entrance exam for the admission. Here they can avoid the confusion that may arise in manual dealings. Some universities are conducting a common entrance test for different courses. This may include some courses which are taught in their affiliated institutes. Then the students have to mark their choice of preferred courses and first preference second preference etc. They also have to mention the names of preferred institutes. Here there is a good chance of human error if the entrance exam has been conducted in conventional method and evaluation is made manually. This can be avoided in the case of an online entrance exam. More over the chances of copying or any other types of cheating is quite impossible in online entrance exams. Any favoritism or any partiality shown by the invigilators can also be avoided here. So the concept of online exams is catching up fast with more and more educational institutions.

As the numbers of online entrance exams are increased there came a number of sites which provides a list of online entrance exams. This list can be available from concerned universities and institutions also.