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Online Middle Schools

Online middle schools are very different from traditional middle schools and don’t refer to the same standards as traditional one does. But most of online middle schools cover the standard six, seven and eight. Online middle schools fill the requirement of quality school education required at middle level without charging high cost as tuition fee. Getting middle school education has gone easier with the help of online middle schools. The online middle schools classes are not held in a building. You can attend your classes at your own pace. It is you who have to decide where and when you want to study. Just have a laptop or desktop connected with the internet and do your study at your desired time and place. You have to earn fifteen credits during your online middle school courses for getting promoted to high school courses.

Some of schools offer free middle school education to the poor students. Free online middle schools get funds from the government. So, they don’t charge anything for online middle school classes. You are offered to access online resources for middle school education, tuition, and other educational facilities required at middle level absolutely free of cost. Just you have to pay charges for cyber café or internet connection.

Online Middle School Programs

Online middle schools cover the study areas from standard six to eight. Online middle school programs are offered in six subjects carrying five credits at each standard (total fifteen credits). Subjects offered under online middle school programs are Language, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and one from Art/Music/Health. Subjects like Language, Math, Science and Social Studies carry one credit separately while Physical Education and one from Art/Music/Health carry 0.5 credit separately making it 5 as total credits at each level. When you complete your online middle school education after earning 15 credits, you will be promoted to high school courses.

List of Online Middle Schools

There are a large number of online middle schools spread in each & every state of the USA and across the world. We have offered the list of online middle schools (only indicative list):

  • Montana Digital School
  • Louisiana Virtual School
  • Lawrence Virtual School
  • Branson School
  • Hamilton County Virtual School
  • Insight School
  • Kaplan Academy
  • Dora Cyber School
  • Denver Public School
  • Delta Pacific Public School
  • Crowley County Online Academy
  • Commonwealth Connections Academy
  • Brower Virtual School
  • Florida Virtual School
  • Giant Campus of Washington
  • Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
  • Arizona Virtual Academy
  • Hoosier Academies
  • New Day Academy
  • National Connections Academy
  • Riverside Virtual School
  • Jubilee Academy