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Online School Courses

Online school courses have made easier to get school education at your own pace and convenience. Online courses offered at elementary, middle, high and senior high school levels provide opportunity to get trained in school education without leaving the house. You don’t need to go anywhere for your online school courses. You can complete your school education from anywhere. You have opportunity to access the resources provided by the online school 24/7. You have to go the cyber café or you have a desktop/laptop connected with the internet for your online school courses.

Some of schools offer free school education to the poor & minor students. Free online school courses are offered funds by the government. So, online school courses don’t charge anything for online school education. You are offered to access online resources for your online school education, tuition, and other educational facilities required at different levels of school education absolutely free of cost. The one thing is that you have to pay charges for cyber café or internet connection.

Online school courses offer a lot of advantages. It saves time & money. It offers opportunity to study at your own pace & convenience. It helps you to decide the time and place for studying. You are free to access the online resources for completing your online school courses. You are offered to take help from instructors through phone and web meeting for solving your queries. You can complete your school education earlier through online as compared to traditional one. You have to pay lower for online school courses than traditional school courses. Online schooling makes you eligible for higher education at a college or university.

Online middle school courses cover the study areas ranging from the standard sixth to eighth. Online middle school courses are offered in six subjects carrying five credits at each standard (total fifteen credits). Subjects offered under online middle school courses are Language, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and one from Art, Music or Health. Subjects like Language, Math, Science and Social Studies carry one credit separately while Physical Education and one from Art, Music or Health carry 0.5 credit separately making it 5 as total credits at every level.

Online high school courses cover the study areas of standard 9 & 10. Online high school courses cover core and comprehensive courses in subjects like math, language, social studies, science and one from elective courses. Online senior high school courses offer to select one subject for specialization at K- 12. Subjects are English, Math, Social Science, Science, Technology & Computer Science. Students pursuing online high school courses at K- 12 have to select a subject as an elective subject from a number of subjects like- Psychology, Anthropology, Fine Art, Personal Finance, Introduction to Marketing, Journalism, Music Appreciation and others.

List of online school courses

  • Elementary School Courses (Standard 1 to 5)
  • Middle School Courses (Standard 6 to 8)
  • High School Courses (Standard 9 and 10)
  • Senior High School Courses (K- 12)