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  • Cast: Amy Jackson,Akshay Kumar,Rajinikanth
  • Release Date: 29 , Nov 2018
  • Director(s): S. Shankar
  • Music Director(s): A. R. Rahman
  • Producer(s): Allirajah Subaskaran and Raju Mahalingam
  • Genre: Thriller,Science Fiction,Action

To hit theaters on 29th November 2018, it is one of the most anticipated and awaited films in the year 2018, besides being the most expensive Indian film to date, with over ₹500 Crore budget. This action-packed sci-fi thriller film has been written and directed by eminent S. Shankar, and features Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson in lead roles. “2.0” is the spiritual sequel to the hit Tamil film ‘Enthiran’ of 2010, in which Rajinikanth reprises the roles of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti. Suffering from a devastating menace, which is beyond the understanding of contemporary science, the Government needs help of scientists essentially including Dr. Vaseegaran, who suggests assembling of Chitti (a Robot) to combat the threat. Lastly, this is India’s very first film to be shot directly with 3D cameras, and therefore presents breathtaking visuals also.

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