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Movie Bollywood Bloody Isshq
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Bloody Isshq

  • Cast: Akash Singh,Shilpa Anand,Tripta Parashar,Mukesh Tiwari,Karan Mehra,Simran Sachdeva,Manoj Tiger,Daisy Shah,Vikram Sahu,Kuldeep Malik
  • Release Date: 01 , Mar 2013
  • Director(s): Arup Dutta
  • Music Director(s): Ashok Bhadra
  • Producer(s):
  • Genre: Romance,Suspense

Bloody Isshq is a romantic suspense drama film rotates around the three characters and the relationships amongst Nirvaan, Natasha and Radhika. Natasha is a man-eater and a wager from a friend kickoffs the game of seduction between Natasha and Nirvaan. But things see a sheer twist when Natasha really falls for Nirvaan's charms unconscious of the fact that Radhika is a part of Nirvaan's life and Nirvaan is upto something which Natasha had not idea of what moves is a path of love and betrayal. Bloody Isshq is showcase of the love plan which Nirvaan throws for Natasha concealing the fact that he is wedded to Radhika. The love mystery knots as destiny has something else prearranged for Nirvaan. The story reveals what cause that forces Nirvaan to take a dangerous step when he must have by the side of his beautiful wife. Would Natasha, ever realize that in this game of seduction, she had really gone down for Nirvaan?

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