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Movie Bollywood Chal Pichchur Banate Hain
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Chal Pichchur Banate Hain

  • Cast: Rahil Tandon,Bhavna Ruparel,Mukesh Bhatt 1,Aarif Shaikh
  • Release Date: 07 , Sep 2012
  • Director(s): Pritish Chakraborty
  • Music Director(s): Gaurav Dagaonkar
  • Producer(s):
  • Genre: Drama

A movie with great passion and ambition. A young blood can do everything to come his dream true. After resigning job, a well settled MBA guy who has even an offer of job with 5000 pound salary in UK, has left everything only for its dreams and passion to become filmmaker. It is the movie with great dedication that must be watched by every youth. The boy after quitting his job, he started with putting posters alongside roads while getting severe scolding, ignorance and rejection by the family, industry, friends and other near and dear once. Under the situation of all alone, he doesn’t quit his passion and one day he colors his dreams with amazing once. Let’s see to what extent a boy can handle, Chal Pichchur Banate Hain….!!

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