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Movie Bollywood Dal Mein Kuch Kala Hai
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Dal Mein Kuch Kala Hai

  • Cast: Shakti Kapoor,Raja Chaudhary,Kishore Bhanushali,Anand Balraj,Vijay Raaz,Veena Malik,Jackie Shroff
  • Release Date: 29 , Jun 2012
  • Director(s): Anand Balraj
  • Music Director(s): Aabfm
  • Producer(s): Deepak Bali, Urvashi Bali
  • Genre: Comedy

Daal mein kuch kala hai is an upcoming film directed by Anand Balraj and produced by Deepak Bali and Urvashi Bali. Under the banner of D Bali movies Pvt ltd, Dal Mein Kuch Kala Hai is a story of an upcoming bollywood actress who is over ambitious. Mr Dabu, a middle age man of forty is a complete loose and has absconded and living alone. He has a weakness for luxury life and women and is madly infatuated to his upcoming starlet. One day, he suddenly becomes rich after winning a jackpot of inheritance. He decides to go to the actress to share his fortune and his future. It is an overall new concept and according to the director, will allure one and all with its attractive storyline.

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