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Movie Bollywood Dare You
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Dare You

  • Cast: Alisha Khan
  • Release Date: 17 , Jan 2014
  • Director(s): Denis Selarka,Mehul Simaria
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Denis Selarka , Mehul Simaria
  • Genre: Drama,Suspense

Dare You, an upcoming Bollywood flick, has story rotating about a girl who comes to study for fulfill their dreams. Rani Dewan approaches from Kashmir to study in Pune University. Her aptitude and her charisma make her the blue eyed girl of the campus. The college band soaks up her with open arms and soon their band turns out to be a group to reckon with. The journey of Rani undergoes a roller coaster ride and the exposures get shocking. Rani 'DARES YOU' to eyewitness her challenges.

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