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Movie Bollywood Delhi In A Day
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Delhi In A Day

  • Cast: Vidya Bhushan,Dinesh Yadav,Anjali Patil,Kulbhushan Kharbanda,Lilette Dubey,Lee Williams
  • Release Date: 24 , Aug 2012
  • Director(s): Prashant Nair
  • Music Director(s): Mathias Duplessy
  • Producer(s): Prashant Nair, B Chintu Mohapatra
  • Genre: Animation

Under the direction of Prashant Nair, The Delhi in a day is a movie of British traveler who lost his money in the nouveau-riche household. It is the movie with great comedy and hilarious script, when the staff of the same home is under project of finding the money or otherwise would face severe consequences. It is really fun and joy, to see whether the staff can make the challenge or would get extreme punishment. The movie is all about rich society of delhi who do not want let them under outdated with fashion and technology. Well, we wish you to have great time and complete entertainment while watching Delhi In A Day.

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