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Movie Bollywood Highway
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  • Cast: Randeep Hooda,Alia Bhatt
  • Release Date: 21 , Feb 2014
  • Director(s): Imtiaz Ali
  • Music Director(s): A R Rahman
  • Producer(s): Imtiaz Ali , Sajid Nadiadwala
  • Genre: Romance

Set against the background of the new civilization of bandhs (common strikes) that regularly immobilize post-conflict Nepal, film Highway walks around five different relationship stories that turn into disheveled during an ill-fated bus journey from eastern Nepal to the capital, Kathmandu. While the passengers - each of whom immediately needs to be somewhere else - await a promise to the explosive strike that is blocking the only travelable road, the film explores the psychological and spiritual bandhs that numerous Nepalese contend with. The Highway is based on the tale of a city girl - young, full of life - is on the freeway at night with her fiancé. Suddenly, her life is swayed away from the brocade and jewelry of marriage to the unkind cruelty of kidnap.

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