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Movie Bollywood In The Name Of Tai
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In The Name Of Tai

  • Cast: Nishigandha Wad,Asrani,Vilas Ujawane,Mahesh Thakur,Suzanne,Raquel Rebello,Kalpesh Mehta
  • Release Date: 12 , Oct 2012
  • Running Time: 2 hour 45 min
  • Director(s): Ujjwal Thengdi
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s):
  • Genre:

In the name of Tai is a female oriented movie, inspired by a true story of well educated village woman, famously known as Tai who desires an intrepid but a dangerous avenue. Unluckily, she undergoes sexually as well as psychologically in her individual life, yet unselfishly battles for a general cause of defending acres of land owned by village farmers and depressed poverty suffering village society from control of the passage of power, builders and course not forgetting the insatiable politicians. Directed by Ujjwal Thengdi, the storyline is inspired by a real occurrence that with an ordinary women who struggle for 20 years against the powerful lobby of land mafia. Casted by Nishigandha Wad, Asrani, Vilas Ujawane etc, the movie has completely motivating story that might inspire the audience at the moment.

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