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  • Cast: Vineet Kumar,Amit Sial,Prashant Kumar,Sudhir Pandey,Prashant Narayanan,Neena Gupta,Makrand Deshpande,Rajeshwari Sachdev,Prateik Babbar
  • Release Date: 26 , Jul 2013
  • Director(s): Manish Tiwary
  • Music Director(s): Krsna,Sachin Gupta,Jigar
  • Producer(s): Shailesh R Singh , Dhaval Gada
  • Genre: Drama

Adapted from William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Issaq is the story switched to Banaras and its neighboring areas that are observer to fighting unleashed by sand mafia managed by urban elite and regularly violent reprisal by Naxalite armies. The sand mafia is run by two powerful Banarasi families, Kashyaps and Mishras, who are at wicked feud with each other.
Kashyap has an 18-year old, pretty and naive daughter Bachchi from his first wife. On the other hand, Mishra's son Rahul is a good-looking teenager with humdrum interests for a boy of his milieu - Girls & Guns!
Things change when the fight-hardened and intemperance Rahul and romantic yet head strong Bachchi fall in love. Disrespecting the consequences, the young lovers decide to go ahead with the dictates of their hearts. What chases is a high octane action-filled play.

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