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Movie Bollywood Janleva 555
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Janleva 555

  • Cast: Ranjeet Jha,Anant Joshi,Mann Hora,Shona Chabra,Rajeev 1,Cliff Janke,Akash Hora,Anant Nag,Kalpana Pandit
  • Release Date: 19 , Oct 2012
  • Director(s): Sandeep Malani
  • Music Director(s): Dev Chauhan
  • Producer(s): Kalpana Pandit
  • Genre: Romance,Suspense

Janleva 555 is romantic and melodic based movie directed by Sandeep Malani and produced by Kalpana Pandit. It has strange thriller plot spanning two time eras 555 years apart. A thrilling merger of events which join the past and present in an atmosphere of fascinating nail biting moments leading to a mind boggling height. The fun, songs, dance, mystery, danger and suspense are complete filled in movie, which make the Janleva 555 a complete bollywood extravaganza. Total of 13 tracks are filmed in the movie and sung by different singers. The romantic thriller is complete to entertain the audience. It is produced under the banner of new production, House of Pandit. The film is casted by veteran actor Anant Naag, and other cast is Abrar Zahoor, Akash Hora, Anant Joshi, Babli Dutta, Cliff Janke, Kalpana Pandit, Lalitha Rajagopal etc.

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