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Movie Bollywood Jigariyaa
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  • Cast: Deepak Chadha,Navni Parihar,K K Raina,Cherry Mardia,Harshvardhan Deo
  • Release Date: 10 , Oct 2014
  • Director(s): Raj Purohit
  • Music Director(s): Raj - Prakash,Faizan Hussain,Agnel Roman
  • Producer(s): Vinod Bachchan , Raju Chadha
  • Genre: Romance

Written and co-produced by Vinod Bachchan, and directed by Raj Purohit, “Jigariyaa” is an upcoming Bollywood thriller Hindi film on romance, to be released on October 10, 2014. Inspired from true events, Jigariyaa is a love story of two simple and innocent persons Shaamu and Raadha, who lived in a time when there was universal dominance of good and candid feelings, generosity, innocence, and true promises. Shaamu of Agra falls in love with Raadha of Mathura at first sight, and their story of love begins, to confront many ups and downs. Watch the film to discover what destiny had stored for them; could they unite? Or fate tore them apart??

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