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Movie Bollywood Kyun Hua Achanak
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Kyun Hua Achanak

  • Cast: Kashmera Shah,Rajesh Shringapure,Hazel,Aseem Ali Khan
  • Release Date: 07 , Jun 2013
  • Director(s): Rajendra Shiv
  • Music Director(s): Rajendra Shiv
  • Producer(s): Amit Srivastava , Narendra Singh
  • Genre: Romance,Suspense

Sets in today’s time and a reality in some cases but the truth never come out in open, the bollywood flick Kyun Hua Achanak is a romantic suspense thriller. The plot of the film pacts with today's present situation and how four astute individuals "opportunist" convene each other at one point in time of life to make life and how life takes a dissimilar turn is the root of the story. The story is about a middle class boy has a battle with wife in village and he moves toward to Mumbai looking out for a chance to make money and when he approaches to Mumbai he knocks into a petit girl in a up bazaar bar lounge who offers him a job of a gigolo. He accepts the job and becomes happy with earning lots of money, but story turns and both girl and boy affectionate with each other. After married widow, they realize some true incidents and return back to the place where they start to work. How he handled entire situations and how to manage his old wife?

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