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Movie Bollywood Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi
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Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi

  • Cast: Sunil Pal,Mushtaq Khan,Rocky Verma,Muzahid Khan,Zafar Shayk,Mithilesh Singh,Javed Hyder,Zoya Khan
  • Release Date: 05 , May 2017
  • Director(s): Ejaz Ahmed
  • Music Director(s): Deen Mohd.
  • Producer(s): Ejaz Ahmed
  • Genre: Comedy

Ready to hit the screens on 5th May 2017, this is a Hindi satirical comedy film based on black money. According to the director of this film Ejaz Ahmed, this film is on the lines of famous classic comedy film named ‘JaaneBhi Do Yaaro’. Revolving around black money, the story of this film shows how four friends expose the truth of having done injustice by a politician against the poor villagers, through robbing them of their money sent by the government for their betterment. The lead actors in this upcoming movie of Bollywood are Mushtaq Khan, Sunil Pal, and Zafar Sheikh; while the other popular artists are Mithilesh Singh, JavedHyder, Zoya Khan, RiyanaSukla and Prerna Gupta.

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