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Movie Bollywood Listen... Amaya
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Listen... Amaya

  • Cast: Farooq Sheikh,Deepti Naval,Swara Bhaskar,Siddhant Karnick,Vidya Bhushan
  • Release Date: 08 , Feb 2013
  • Director(s): Avinash Kumar Singh
  • Music Director(s): Indraneel Hariharan
  • Producer(s): Ashok Sawhny
  • Genre: Drama

Produced under the banner of Turtle on a Hammock Films, Listen... Amaya is family comedy drama flick revolves around a Widow and her daughter Amaya. It is a modern, young, fashionable film about relationships, family dynamics, about prejudices and about precedence. Directed by Avinash Kumar Singh and produced by Ashok Sawhney, Listen... Amaya tells the story of mother of single daughter, her husband is dead. She runs an offbeat library-cum-coffee shop named ‘Book a Coffee’. Her daughter is too overprotective who cannot compact with the idea of another man in her mother’s life. Amaya is domineering capricious, career oriented and pretty selfish sometimes. The plot is about Amaya's journey of anger, disloyalty and distrust to one where she appreciates the reasons behind the whole thing that has happened amongst mother and daughter.

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