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Movie Bollywood Love You To Death
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Love You To Death

  • Cast: Suhasini Mulay,Sheeba Chaddha,Leonid Kudryavtsev,Carl Sequeira,Yuki Ellias
  • Release Date: 03 , Feb 2012
  • Director(s): Rafeeq Ellias
  • Music Director(s): Ronit Chaterji
  • Producer(s): Chiman Salva
  • Genre: Romance

Love You To Death is a comedy film directed by Rafeeq Ellias. The film projected for urban audience as it is film of both languages as Hindi and English with some high end differences with every character. It generated by newspapers stories of voracity and comprises a group of clumsy murder attempts. Lead role played in the film by Chandan Roy Sanyal and Yuki Ellias. The story and scripts of movie is strong and well performed by bollywood actors. The film concludes in an art gallery with tons of blank guns, a single loaded pistol and various unforeseen results. Every character in this movie is quite well actor and you can watch and entertain some crazy.

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