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Movie Bollywood Manjunath
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  • Cast: Rajesh Khattar,Asif Basra,Yashpal Sharma,Seema Biswas,Divya Dutta
  • Release Date: 09 , May 2014
  • Director(s): Sandeep Varma
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s):
  • Genre: Drama

Set in India's vicinity, the story of Manjunath rotates around young Manjunath Shanmugam who joins an oil firm right after his influential education from IIM Lucknow. One day, Manjunath goes missing after he understands that there exists a large scale ruination of fuel. Even after numerous threats to his life, he is undeterred and makes a decision to reveal the truth and fight for justice. For sure enough he is shot dead on duty. There appears no hope, and then suddenly disparate people unite to take the fight to the mafia, and get him justice. But his voice was quieted! He was shot dead on job for doing what was right. Will his sacrifice be just a heading or will justice triumph? Will Manjunath's story motivate you to take a position for what is right?

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