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Movie Bollywood Mr Bhatti on Chutti
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Mr Bhatti on Chutti

  • Cast: Ashwani Chopra,Emma Kearney,Anjan Srivastava,Shakti Kapoor,Bhairavi Goswami,Anupam Kher
  • Release Date: 18 , May 2012
  • Director(s): Karan Razdan
  • Music Director(s): Channi Singh,Siddharth
  • Producer(s): Ashwani Chopra & Gian Kharaud
  • Genre: Comedy

Movie is about tourists group visit to Lake district where one of the tourist is Mr Bhatti, who is in hilarious impression that he has been called to meet George W.Bush. Well, apart from awesome and sensational views of lake district, Alice an English girl too attracts the attention of Mr. Bhatti. This attraction turned to meditative war between Bhatti and Prem, a guy who is also in trap of Alice’s love. But the climax part turns all the hilarious comedy into horror one with the hunt of Alice. This makes both Mr. Bhatti and Prem into custody of police. Here, we called somewhere mysterious part in order to find the exact culprit. Well, without disclosing anymore I need you to visit nearby theater to have a wonderful time with Mr. Bhatti's conspiracy.

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