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Movie Bollywood Na Jaane Kabse
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Na Jaane Kabse

  • Cast: Javed Sheikh,Lilette Dubey,Gurpreet Guggi,Sharat Saxena,Amrita Prakash,Garry Gill
  • Release Date: 18 , Nov 2011
  • Director(s): Pammi Somal
  • Music Director(s): Jatin Lalit
  • Producer(s): Pammi Somal,Sonny Somal & Gurtejpal S. Somal
  • Genre: Social

Here the director "Pammi Soma" try to depict the western behavior and thoughts; through his majestic movie named Na Jaane Kabse. It's all around about young youth and their long living problems while facing a life at their own norms. Very interesting, challenging and explorative to have a view of Na Jaane Kabse. Complete dramatic for young youth in order to grab the market of youngsters. Starting with Garry Gill and Amrita Prakash brings more alluring to the movie where Gurpreet Guggi adds an extreme potential to its comedic part. Affcourse imaginative and enjoying to have a view of this new creative of Pammi Soma.

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