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Movie Bollywood Prague
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  • Cast: Chandan Roy Sanyal,Gulshan Devaiya,Kalki Koechlin,Elena Kazan,Arfi Lamba,Mayank Kumar
  • Release Date: 27 , Sep 2013
  • Director(s): Ashish Shukla
  • Music Director(s): Atif Afzal
  • Producer(s): Rohit Khaitan , Sunil Pathare
  • Genre: Horror

Prague is a romantic drama film, has story revolves around the trip of Christoffer and Maja to the city of Prague, a stunning, aging city, but also a city strangled by a rigid and dated eastern-block state of mind.

It is a story of an ardent architect with hang ups and apparitions about love and life. One day, a Czech gypsy girl staring for her identity and love. Add to that a mean friend you can't go away with and can't faith. And a left out- left over of somebody who isn't truly there but doesn't leave you alone. All of them come jointly, interfering, influencing, coaxing and tormenting each other as their search for peace, liberty and love continues.

This film is a psychological thrilling journey which takes you to the darkest corners of your intelligence, the shut down alleys of your soul and the graveyard of your spirit.

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