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Movie Bollywood Qasam Se Qasam Se
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Qasam Se Qasam Se

  • Cast: Azim Rizvi,Faith,Rakhi Sawant,Satish Kaushik,Mukesh Tiwari,Akbar Sami,Farhan
  • Release Date: 15 , Jun 2012
  • Director(s): Ashfaque Makrani
  • Music Director(s): Shailendar & Sayanti
  • Producer(s): Dharmendra Nath Thakur
  • Genre: Romance

Qasam Se Qasam Se is a hindi bollywood film scheduled to release on June 15, 2012. The producer of the film is Dharmendra Nath Thakur and the director of the film is Ashfaque Makrani. Though, it is a romantic genre film but at has some inspirational, fun and entertainments aspects to keep you thrilled throughout. According to the recent reports, Rakhi sawant, who is playing a role in the film Qasam Se Qasam Se has returned a pay cheque which was given to her for signing the film and it was all in good will. This is because the makers of the film launched her 18 years ago in the film Angaar-Vadi. So, by returning the cheque, she wants to thank them and deliver the respect she has for them.

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