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  • Cast: Deepti Naval,Reema Lagoo,Meghna Naidu,Alok Nath,Rajendra Gupta,Ritisha Vijayvargya
  • Release Date: 16 , Sep 2011
  • Director(s): Ashok Nanda
  • Music Director(s): Raj Inder Raj,Reeg Deb
  • Producer(s): Ashok Nanda, Vidya Kamat
  • Genre: Social

Rivaaz is directed by the NRI director, ashok nanda who has weaved a story on prostitution. Basically, rivaaz is a film against exploitation, where Ashok nanda has altogether tried his level best to put on screen the life of women who are traded across the world simply in the name of tradition. Prostitution was earlier a family based tradition in some villages and unfortunately, it is still practiced in some areas of villages. Another most embarrassing point is that our law and order does not consider the family based prostitution as a major issue because they would have planned well in advance, then such issues could have completely removed from our nation. Rivaaz will give a glimpse of all such activities performed in a village where the tradition is a mockery to the Indian independence.

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