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Movie Bollywood Riwayat
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  • Cast: Samapika Debnath,Khalid Siddiqui,Salil Ankola,Achint Kaur,Saurabh Dubey,Gauri Kulkarni,Aditya Lakhia,Narendra Jha,Rajendra Gupta
  • Release Date: 07 , Sep 2012
  • Director(s): Vijay Patkar
  • Music Director(s): Sushil Lalji
  • Producer(s): Sanjay Patole Ajay Rane
  • Genre: Drama,Social

Riwayat is a drama, social movie, directed by Vijay Patkar and produced by Dr. Sanjay Patole and Ajay Rane. The plot of film is about the female infanticide and foeticide. Anita works for an NGO, investigates that her caretaker Radha is a sufferer of family violence and disturbed by the adversity faced by pregnant Radha is raising her two daughters while handling with the family violence by her drunken husband Gangaram. Having already two daughters, Radha forced by her in laws to abort her expected child. As Anita discovered soon about the pregnancy of Radha and faces the anger of her father in law for not in favor to abort her baby girl. The story takes a turn for inferior when Radha goes into labor next family violence and deliver a stillborn baby girl at home. But fact is a bit else. Anita makes a decision to fight for Radha.

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