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Movie Bollywood Sadda Adda
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Sadda Adda

  • Cast: Parimal Aloke,Shaurya Chauhan,Rohit Arora,Kunal Pant,Bhaumik Sampat,Rohin Robert,Karanvir Sharma
  • Release Date: 13 , Jan 2012
  • Director(s): Muazzam Beg
  • Music Director(s): Shamir Tandon
  • Producer(s): Rajeev Agarwal, Ramesh B. Agarwal & Tarun R. Agarwal
  • Genre: Drama

This is a real world movie, directed by Muazzam Beg where the cast role players are Karan Sharma, Shaurya Chauhan and Bhaumik Sampat. Here, you would find six friends from different states with different character and personalities share a same apartment. Well, this is awesome moment of life, when friends turn out as family members. Apartment is full of beer bottles, unwashed clothes, cigarette butts and many more unpredicted things over the floor. Well, they cooked food together, share cleaning room, buy groceries together, fight, cry and share special moments of life together. This all makes a wonderful journey of their self-belief and camaraderie. Well, the climax part takes them on the top of the life where they enjoy every previous moments of hardships and hard living. Without any more disclosing, I wish you to have wonderful time while viewing the movie of Sadda Adda.

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