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  • Cast: Rio Kapadia,Shivani Tanksale,Paresh Ganatra,Anjali Patil,Hussain Kuwajerwala
  • Release Date: 26 , Apr 2013
  • Director(s): Rajesh Bachchani
  • Music Director(s): Talaash,Claver Menezes
  • Producer(s): Vikram M Shah
  • Genre: Suspense

Shree is a latest bollywood flick, a story about a man named Shree who is an ordinary man and works at a telecom company. In love with girl but cannot get married until now as need to create some essential money. The story rotates also around many people in this film but Randhawa, a rich businessman, in his continual quest of power, has zeroed in on Shree as his final guinea pig. He seems that Shree is the last bit of puzzle of a scientific testing, invented by a brilliant scientist, propped up by commissioner of police and sponsored by Randhawa. If the testing will be successful, it could change the fortune of their lives and that of the entire world. Enticed in by assure of a bright future, Shree deals in 12 hours of his life. But when these 12 hours begin, he discovers that his easy life has been bowed upside down and accused of killing the scientist, commissioner of police and many more. How he use his humor and cleverness to establish his innocence.

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