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  • Cast: Pravin Baby,Kirran Sharad,Vijay Shukla,Ganesh Pandit,Shaji Chaudhary,Gauri Shankar
  • Release Date: 19 , Oct 2012
  • Director(s): Sanjeev Jaiswal
  • Music Director(s): Jaan Nissar Love
  • Producer(s): Sanjeev Jaiswal
  • Genre: Social

Shudra the Rising is a tale about 250 million people conquered in war and destined to slavery and cruel existence for ages. These peace loving & unwise people of ancient times were taken over by more violent and avaricious group of men and societies. Directed and produced by Sanjeev Jaiswal, film is on the beliefs as nature took ages to create man out of animal, but it took instants for certain men to build their associate human animal again. According to story, an out-caste man Shudra died for wish of sip of water, a child is violated for speaking holy mantras, and a pregnant woman is enforced for physical submission, totally for one crime only. Shudra The Rising emphasizes the power of evil human mind can yield, to hang on to power and supremacy. The movie with historical prompt of the risk of division and separation, matters which are as significant today as it was then, carry back audience to history and cultures.

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