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Movie Hollywood A Better Life
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A Better Life

  • Cast: Demian Bichir,Jose Julian
  • Release Date: 28 , Oct 2011
  • Running Time: 1 Hours 38 Minutes
  • Director(s): Chris Weitz
  • Music Director(s): Alexandre Desplat
  • Producer(s): Paul Junger Witt,Chris Weitz & Jami Gertz
  • Genre: Comedy

A better life is directed by Chris Weitz in which he has tried to portray the real life of many people. It is a 2011 American drama film and the screenplay is originally known as The Gardener, written by Eric Eason that is based on a story done by Roger L. Simon. The plot of the movie is set in such a way that you can not even turn your heads and miss any scene of the movie. The entire story interests you and delivers you some kind of moral and life experience to last forever with you. The storyline of the movie shows that every father wants more from his son and wants him to succeed in life.

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