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Movie Hollywood Before I Go To Sleep
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Before I Go To Sleep

  • Cast: Nicole Kidman,Colin Firth,Mark Strong
  • Release Date: 17 , Oct 2014
  • Director(s): Rowan Joffe
  • Music Director(s): Ed Shearmur
  • Producer(s): Jack Arbuthnott , Jenny Borgars
  • Genre: Drama,Suspense

This British mystery thriller movie has suspense, mystery, uncertainties, and fears to make it quite spectacular. Based on a recent novel of S. J. Watson, this thrilling movie has been brilliantly written and directed by Rowan Joffé. In September 2014, this film has been released in UK and New Zealand, and is to be launched in USA on October 31, 2014, on the occasion of Halloween. A young woman Christine Lucas [Nicole Kidman] had a traumatic car accident years before, which erased her memory about her past and the accident. She tries to discover her life from the beginning with help of a psychologist Dr. Nash [Mark Strong], and wakes up every day, recollecting nothing about her past and the accident. One day, new terrifying truths come forth which compel her to question everyone around her, if anyone really knows what may have happened to her, or what is actually going on.

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