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Movie Hollywood Cinderella
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  • Cast: Helena Bonham Carter,Hayley Atwell,Lily James
  • Release Date: 13 , Mar 2015
  • Director(s): Kenneth Branagh
  • Music Director(s):
  • Producer(s): Simon Kinberg
  • Genre: Family,Drama

This American romantic-cum-fantasy film imaginatively directed by Kenneth Branagh, is going to be released on March 13, 2015. This live-action fantasy film revolves around Ella (“Cinderella”) [Lily James], a young woman who had fated to live a life of a scullery maid [after sudden death of her father], but was fortunate enough to become a queen eventually. Despite disturbances and obstacles presented by her cruel and wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine [Cate Blanchett] and stepsisters, Ella became successful to find Prince Charming [Richard Madden] eventually with support of The Fairy Godmother [Helena Bonham Carter], a magical being disguised as an old beggar woman.

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