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Movie Hollywood Crazy, Stupid, Love
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Crazy, Stupid, Love

  • Cast: Kevin Bacon,Marisa Tomei,Emma Stone,Julianne Moore,Ryan Gosling,Steve Carell
  • Release Date: 16 , Sep 2011
  • Running Time: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
  • Director(s): John Requa,Glenn Ficarra
  • Music Director(s): Christophe Beck,Nick Urata
  • Producer(s): Steve Carell & Vance DeGenere
  • Genre: Romance

What brings to the mind on seeing the title "Crazy, Stupid, Love". Affcourse, that like may be of a person with healthy sexual and social life but being getting of hapless on finding his wife cheated him. Yes, it is story about a man with name "Cal Weaver" who is having smart wife that's resulted from love marriage, cool job, smart kids; like everything is going in a favorable manner. But destiny brings him all alone while spending night in local bar after he needs a divorce on finding his wife cheated him. Very dramatic story along side with minimal comedy and romance that surely make its audience look at again..!!

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