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Movie Hollywood Game Night
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Game Night

  • Cast: Kyle Chandler,Michael C. Hall,Jesse Plemons,Kylie Bunbury,Lamorne Morris,Sharon Horgan,Rachel McAdams,Jason Bateman
  • Release Date: 23 , Feb 2018
  • Director(s): Jonathan Goldstein,John Francis Daley
  • Music Director(s): Cliff Martinez
  • Producer(s): John Davis, Jason Bateman, John Fox, James Garavente
  • Genre: Crime,Comedy,Action

Set for release in the United States on 23rd February 2018, it is an American crime-mystery film rather rich in action and comedy also. Intelligently written by Mark Perez, and enthusiastically directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, this film employs Rachel McAdams [as Annie] and Jason Bateman [as Max, Annie’s husband] for pivotal and lead roles. This film shows how a weekly game night of a group of friends (including Max and Annie) turns to be a chaotic night, spent in the investigation into an actual murder mystery.

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