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Movie Hollywood Hunter Killer
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Hunter Killer

  • Cast: Toby Stephens,Common,Linda Cardellini,Gary Oldman,Gerard Butler
  • Release Date: 26 , Oct 2018
  • Director(s): Donovan Marsh
  • Music Director(s): Trevor Morris
  • Producer(s): Original Film, Millennium Films, G-BASE
  • Genre: Thriller,Action

Scheduled for release in USA on 26th October 2018, this is an American action thriller film directed by Donovan Marsh. After kidnapping of the Russian President during his visit to the Northern Marine base, by a secret Russian coup, the U.S. submarine commander Joe Glass [played by Gerard Butler] is assigned the dangerous task of assembling an elite group of U.S. Navy Seals and enter into the Russian territorial waters to rescue the captured Russian President, and thereby, stop World War III from sparking.

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