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Movie Hollywood Immortals
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  • Cast: Henry Cavill,Stephen Dorff,Luke Evans,Isabel Lucas,Kellan Lutz,Freida Pinto,Mickey Rourke
  • Release Date: 11 , Nov 2011
  • Director(s): Tarsem Singh
  • Music Director(s): Trevor Morris
  • Producer(s): Mark Canton & Ryan Kavanaugh
  • Genre: Drama

If you haven't ever experience with Greek myths, here is the chance to enhance your knowledge with Immortals an upcoming 3D fantasy adventure film under the direction of Tarsem Singh. As started with amongst the top stars of Greek world including Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill has compelled the audience to make their own world of imagination. With their fully home work and consecration made Tarsem Singh as one of the favorable 3D director of industry. As fully loaded with adventure, it makes audience to back with their interest and excitement while viewing 3D conceptual. Here, you surly find a wonderful art of Greek myths of the Minotaur, Theseus and the Titanomachy.

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